"What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; and what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the housetops." ~ Matthew 10:27

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Deborah O Daniel (Toyin) is an Evangelist, a Missionary, and a Christian Author. She grew up in a strict religious household but found Christ on her own, when it became clear to her that she had no relationship whatsoever with Him in spite of her strict upbringing, and had no purpose in life.  Deborah surrendered her life to Christ in 1992, but kept running from her calling owing to the severe trials she faced and the cares of the world, until she had a personal encounter with Him in 1999. She steps out of her comfort zone as led to fulfill her calling.  She also speaks openly about her childhood difficulties and the struggles she has had in life, to testify of the mercy of God and His awesome power. For more messages and a heart talk on living a fulfilled life in Christ, get the book, Walk the Winning Walk - free and available to new converts/believers in Christ from Divine Literature International.

This Blog is written in Standard British English for the benefit of international visitors. Style of Writing is conversational.


Serving the Lord 99.5% and the devil 0.5% is unacceptable. The Lord made it clear in Exodus 20:3-6. As a believer in Christ, you must be careful what name you are called; what name you give your children, your project, your business, and anything else that has to do with you. Names identify you physically and spiritually, and should not be taken lightly.

Do you unconsciously bear a name that promotes other gods/idols or an ungodly act? What is the spiritual state of the person who named you? Your name may mean one thing to you and another thing to the one who gave it to you (especially if you are from Africa). A name could be a Blessing or a Curse. An ungodly one will hinder you from enjoying the presence of the Lord in your life. Prayerfully rebel against it, and have it changed.

Years ago, I had a first name that was given to me by an important member of my family. I was in such a mess - success today; failure tomorrow. I just could not figure out what was going on until I did my own personal research. I stopped answering to the name.

You are who you say you are, and what you answer to. When you answer to a name you are called, you are more or less saying, "Amen," to a prayer. You are responding to a blessing or a curse pronounced, by saying, "Yes, it is so". Likewise, when you introduce yourself as such. You are expressing agreement with who others say you are. Citing examples: my Christian name is Deborah; and so I am destined to be a blessing to others, not a curse. I am called to encourage others, defend and assist the weak, speak the Word of God, and deliver His messages to His people. My African name Olutoyin ('Toyin) means the Lord is worthy to be praised; and so, my lifestyle must showcase the greatness of God who is worthy of praise. The Bible says there is power in the tongue (Proverbs 18:21). Even if I had chosen not to fill these roles, I am called by these prophetic names daily, with numerous tongues; thus my destiny is tied to the names.

Abraham, Sarah, Jacob, and Paul had their names changed. You can prayerfully have yours changed too. It is your prerogative to choose what name you are called now that you are a new creature in Christ. It costs little to have a name-change in the United States and the United Kingdom, and almost nothing in certain parts of the world. If others ask why you changed your name, let them know you were created for God’s pleasure only, and must live out His purpose for your life. Let the Lord be glorified by your lifestyle, conduct, and the name you are called.

Shalom, good people!

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