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Walk the Winning Walk

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Deborah O Daniel (Toyin) is an Evangelist and a Christian Writer. She surrendered her life to Christ in 1992 but kept running from her calling owing to the severe trials she faced and the cares of the world, until she had a personal encounter with Him years later. Deborah is a living testimony of God's miracles, immeasurable mercy, and grace. She steps out of her comfort zone to fulfill her calling, sharing the love of Christ and His saving grace. She also speaks openly about her childhood difficulties and the struggles she has had in life, to testify of the mercy of God and His awesome power. This book is offered for free by Divine Literature International, and available to Born-again Christians ONLY - particularly new believers in Christ.  Style of Writing is Casual and Conversational!

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What’s Next?

Choosing a Good Bible-Based Church or Assembly (I) 

Choosing a Good Bible-Based Church or Assembly (II) 

Choosing a Good Bible-Based Church or Assembly (III)

Recognizing an Unfruitful Gathering

False Mediators

Let it All Go!

The Grievous Sin of Idolatry

A Powerful Weapon (I): The Word of God

A Powerful Weapon (II): Personal Testimony

Honoring God

Getting Too Intelligent for Our Own Good

Developing Yourself Spiritually

The Matthew 11:12 Testimony
Are You Available?

Living Up to Your God-given Potential

Accursed Help

What is Wrong with Your Act of Generosity?

Close Friends of God

The Fair-Weather Friends of God

Godly Friendships

Ungodly Associations

When Prayers Remain Unanswered

Thanksgiving - One Last Step to Receiving from God

Who Dictates Your Day?

What is in Your Name?

Hidden Idols

The Sin of Self-Murder

Dangerous Praises that Erode Our Blessings

Do We Listen When God Speaks to Us?

Not Hearing from God?

Did You Hear Right?

Hearing From Other Believers

Hearing from the Wicked

Does Heaven Help Those Who Help Themselves?

When Knowledge Becomes Dangerous

Don’t Be Your Own Enemy

Good and Bad Enemies

Luck vs Blessings

Movers and Shakers?

Soul-Winning Challenges - Dealing with Difficult People

Cover Up!

Preparing to Be a Useful Vessel

The Price You Pay as a Useful Vessel (I)

The Price You Pay as a Useful Vessel (II)

The Pros and Cons of Spiritual Gifts

The Spiritual Boot Camp (I)

The Spiritual Boot Camp (II)

The Work of God is Not a Career

Finish Up!

What God Rejects

Last Minute Conversion – The True Befitting Final Goodbye

Why Ailing Loved Ones Die in Spite of Our Prayers

You are the Light (I)

You are the Light (II)


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