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Simple Evangelism (eBook)


Meet Christ.  Introduce Christ to an Unbeliever.  Help Someone Break Free from Sin.

The One-Verse Witness offers images with short commentaries, to ease personal Evangelism/Soul-Winning efforts. It is perfect as a Quick Reference Book to share the Good News of Salvation with an unbeliever, and also ideal as an Introductory Book for those who desire to become followers of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Feel free to download or share this eBook as needed.

*Recommended PDF Reader Mobile App: You will need a good PDF Reader app on your mobile device to view and interact with these eBooks. Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader mobile app for free. Download the app here for your iPad, iPhone, or here for your Android device. 

Easy to Understand! Suitable for Personal Evangelism/Soul-Winning Efforts, and as a Gift to New Believers or Persons who desire to be Followers of Christ!

Simple Evangelism (Free Download) - The One Verse Witness (English-British).jpg

English (British)

Simple Evangelism (Free Download) - The One Verse Witness (English-American).jpg

English (American)

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Évangélisation Simple (Télécharger gratuitement).jpg


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