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Please be reminded that this is a non-profit organisation, and we are unable to respond to every message we receive. Everyone is welcome to access or make use of resources (as permitted) on this website, at no charge. However, we only mail printed tracts to small Christian Charity Organisations, Correctional Officers, Carers, and small Christian-owned businesses with a corporate mailing address. 

Starting August 2023, we will no longer process personal and church requests for our printed tracts. We will however continue to honour requests from small Christian Charity Organisations, Correctional Officers, Care Workers, and small Christian-owned Businesses with a corporate mailing address. We deliver to most countries, and will send printed tracts to you at no charge. Please make use of our Printable Tracts for your Street Evangelism needs, Church needs, and our Mobile TractsPrintable  Tracts and the One-Verse Witness eBook for Personal Evangelism. Shalom!

Please do not reproduce or sell our materials. Reproducing or altering resources from our websites in any way, shape, or form before or after making use of them, constitutes piracy and theft of our intellectual property. 


Do not use this form to request printed tracts - your request will not get to the processing team. Use the Tracts Request Form here.

This Ministry does not accept donations.

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