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Pidgin English (African)

You go need Adobe Reader to view dis tracts. Download Adobe Reader wey dey free for here if you no get am. 

E no be good idea to print dis tracts from di internet, if you dey use PDF Reader wey no be Adobe Acrobat Reader. We advise make you download di tracts for your computer first before you begin dey print am.

*We no dey sell our tracts, and we no give anybodi permission to sell am. Make no pesin copy, reproduce or change our tracts. To do am mean sey you don tief our intellectual property.

Tracts wey dey

(Make you click the tract to download am. How to print di tract dey here. How to cut di tract and fold am dey here)

Print tract wey dey coloured for white paper. Print tract wey no dey coloured for coloured paper.

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