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Who We Are

Divine Literature International (also ministering as Dove Letter Zone) is a multilingual non-denominational, non-profit Christian organization dedicated to spreading the Gospel to people from all walks of life, backgrounds, and nationalities. We are not in partnership with any other religious organization, and not funded or endowed by any organization, group, or denomination. As a purely Evangelistic Ministry with the specific commission to unapologetically reach souls with the Undiluted Gospel of Jesus Christ, we do not solicit funds for any of our projects and charitable activities. We offer resources and support as the Lord provides for us to do so. 

We are committed to taking the Gospel around the world in the shortest possible time. Our literature is well-suited for soul winners, new converts, and those who have not had the opportunity to hear the Good News of the Gift of Salvation. Our goal is to produce our resources in as many national languages as possible, for free distribution around the world. We also offer them to laborers in the Lord's Vineyard who have the opportunity to interact with diverse individuals on a daily basis. ​

Part of our commitment is to also reach out to under-served persons who may be struggling with illness, addiction, poverty, and domestic violence; and share the love of Christ with our resources and other forms of assistance that meet their basic needs.

Feel free to request or download our Evangelism resources at no cost, and visit our other websites, Dove Letters and Gospel Without Borders for other available resources. Be sure to read our Scam/Fraud Alert (for information only) before you proceed. God bless you!

In His Service

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Deborah Olutoyin "Toyin" Daniel is an Evangelist, a Christian Author, and the Founder of Divine Literature International. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Education, a Master's Degree in Instructional Technology, and Professional Certifications in Information Technology.

Prior to answering the call of God to spread the Gospel to people from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds, Deborah had a brief stint as an Undergraduate Lecturer, and subsequently had a successful career as an Information Technology Professional. She began her Christian journey at The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) in 1992, where she remained a committed member for fifteen years and served briefly, before her call to ministry.

Deborah is a living testimony of God's miracles, immeasurable mercy, and grace. She steps out of her comfort zone to fulfill her calling, sharing the love of Christ and His saving grace. She is the Author of 1000 Bible Facts About God, Walk the Winning Walk, and series of Multilingual Christian Devotional Books titled, Daily Victory and Life Answers (Dove Letters). Deborah was born in London, England and holds dual British and American citizenship. She is well-travelled, has a broad understanding of different cultures and customs, and naturally advocates for racial equality. Deborah has a heart for lost souls, the vulnerable, and the underprivileged. 

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Resources for Soul-Winners

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(Details Below)

Introduce Christ to an Unbeliever.

Help someone break free from the bondage of sin.

Lead Someone to Christ.

  • Evangelize (I) - Lead Someone to Christ

  • Evangelize (II) - Help someone break free from the bondage of sin

  • Send a Word of Comfort

  • Send a Word of Hope

  • Tell someone about God's great love for humanity

  • Tell someone about the amazing grace of God

  • Help someone find True Lasting Peace

  • Help someone find Godly Courage

  • Give someone a reason to keep the faith

  • Give someone a reason to be thankful

   (Details Below)

LIFE ANSWERS (Multilingual) - Influence the World for Christ

British English, American English, Pidgin English (African), Português (Brasil), Yorùbá, Français, German, Dutch, Italian, Vietnamese, Russian, Afrikaans, Swahili, Haitian Creole, Esperanto, Polish, Croatian, Danish, Swedish, Filipino, Romanian, Thai, Indonesian, Serbian, Finnish, Hungarian, Hindi, Turkish, Norwegian,  Japanese, Arabic, Ukrainian, Chinese, and Czech (Details Below)


Resources for New Believers

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Are you new in the Family of GOD? Here is our Love Gift to you(Free Download - Details Below)

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Meditate on the Word,  Memorize the Word, Speak the Word to experience its power, Proclaim the Good News! 

(Details Below)


(1000 Bible Facts  About GOD)


(1000 Names, Titles, and Attributes of GOD, with Practical Applications for Daily Devotion and Life Situations)


IDÀ ÌṢẸ́GUN (Yoruba)






Gospel Tracts (Multilingual)

(All tracts are written, published, and made available by Divine Literature International; and strictly not for sale).


What’s Next? Choosing a Bible-Based Church or Assembly, Are You Available? Explaining the Trinity, Close Friends of God, Dangerous Praises That Erode Our Blessings, Developing Yourself Spiritually, Did You Hear Right? Don’t Be Your Own Enemy, False Mediators, The Fair-Weather Friends of God, Hearing Before You Leap, Hearing from the Lord, Hearing from Other Believers, Hearing from the Ungodly, Honouring God, Is Committing Suicide a Sin? Knowing Your Source, Living Up to Your God-Given Potential, Making Use of Our Powerful Weapon, Preparing to Be a Vessel, Recognising an Ungodly Gathering, Modern Day Idolatry, Rising Above Rivalry and Petty Jealousy in Christendom, Satan Has Children - Who Are They? Showing Favouritism to Your Disadvantage, Soul-Winning Challenges: Dealing with Difficult People, Taking Steps to Witness, The Price You Pay as a Useful Vessel, The Pros and Cons of Multiple Spiritual Gifts, The School of Hard Knocks, The Spiritual Consequences of Adultery, The Tongue Trap, The Truth That Will Make You Free, The Work of God is Not a Career, Godly Friendships, Ungodly Associations, What Anointing is Not, When Knowledge Becomes Dangerous, Who Dictates Your Day? Why Ailing Loved Ones Die in Spite of Our Prayers, Why The Lord Reveals Secrets to His Loved Ones, You Are the Light, and more!

Free download! Coming, Mid-June 2024.

New in the Family of GOD? Here is our Love Gift to you!

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Divine Literature International

Meet and Share Christ Today

Get to Know  Jesus Christ

Find Forgiveness through Christ

Help Someone Break Free from the Bondage of Sin

Introduce Christ to an Unbeliever

Lead Someone to Christ


Discover and Share Life Answers (Dove Letters) 

(Available in Many Languages)

Are you or someone you know hurt, grieving, depressed, experiencing shame, angry, bitter, discouraged, anxious, afraid, suicidal, struggling with addiction, physically or mentally ill, suffering abuse, spiritually enslaved, enslaved to sin, experiencing temptations, or facing trials?

Do you feel alone, rejected, betrayed, unloved, or insecure? Do you need provision or a new beginning? Perhaps you have been through too much in life, that you now doubt the power of God, or feel He is far away. We have Good News! God is always at work for our good and His glory. Discover and share answers to life’s struggles.

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